Services: Training

Consulting Managed Incidents Training

We offer training in a wide variety of areas - tailored to fit your business needs - but particularly in the area of troubleshooting, problem solving and process reliability.

We were one of the first organizations to be certified under the TAPPI Recognized Education Provider (R.E.P.) program.

Our most popular courses are in the area of Root Cause Analysis. They are::

  • Root Cause Analysis 101 - A 3 day program introducing the concepts and a 9 step process for problem solving with emphasis on the first 4 steps of the RCA process.
  • Root Cause Analysis 201 - A 4.5 day program that builds on RCA 101 but provides more in-depth information on problem solving tools, a closer look at all 9 steps of the process. The emphasis here is how to lead a team problem solving effort using the RCA process.
  • Root Cause Analysis 301 - A 4.5 day program that builds on RCA 201. The emphasis in this course is on buildig the skills to facilitate problem solving teams in an industrial setting.

In addition, we offer courses in Process Reliability, Pulp Machine Operation Principles for Operators, and Control Systems for Operators.

Courses often use simulators to assist the student in learning the technology. A sample simulator exercise for learning headbox operation can be found here.